A Worldwide premiere to educate the public about the Internet and its benefits to their every day life

Nortel Networks, Zebank ( Groupe LVMH), Carrefour, Smart,, France Telecom, Thomson, France Info, Le Monde Informatique, Le Figaro…

Institutional Partners
French Presidency, National Assembly, Ministries of Interior, Public Administration, Education, Association of Regions of France, General Counsels of Dordogne and Nord.

In 2001, the great majority of the French population had no access to nor interest in the internet, especially in the provinces. We decided to launch this World Premiere, building strategic partnerships with institutions and private corporations to encourage the use of the internet all over the country.

we constructed decors inside a train, entirely redecorated and furnished to demonstrate to the public ( over 120,000 visitors) how internet would become a part of everyday life:

from a Town Hall to a classroom, a bakery  or a fully furnished apartment, and of course an internet café with over 100 computers connected each day, in a new station, to the internet.

This also launched for the public the Official Public Services website:

 Social Responsability approach

  • Offer to all citizens the free opportunity to learn the basics and have access to Internet.

  • Educate and teach “internet 101” thanks to free workshops on board.

  • Educate the public about the incredible opportunities, government and private services Internet would provide. Public schools, citizens, organizations: Everyone was invited to visit the First Internet Train for free.

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