Educate a large public (150,000 visitors) about Brazil’s traditions.

Presidency of the Senate

Natura Brazil, Axa insurance, TPS, France 2, Truffaut…

Institutional Partners
Senate, Official “Fête de la Musique”

Celebrate Franco-Brazilian friendship by highlighting the humanitarian and tolerance values of Brazil’s culture and thus  inspire the French public

3 days of Brazilian-themed events in the Luxembourg Gardens (Senate Gardens): Batucada workshops, giant greenhouse with tropical plants and thousands of butterflies, Salsa classes for adults and children, Brazilian Music, well-being space, tree planting by children, art classes…

Giant Brazilian concert in the Senate Honor Courtyard as a Grand Finale of these 3 exceptional days, on June 21, National Music Day. One of the most important concerts in France of this festive day.

Begun and ended with a spectacular marching Batucada parade.

Social Responsability approach
Encourage access to Brazilian culture, celebrate Franco-Brazilian friendship, and inspire values of tolerance to the French public.

 The event was free for the public with specific focuses on children and others on adults. Collaboration of more than 400 European and Brazilian artists.


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